About Us

Constella provides investment solutions & trading services to professional investors in Digital Asset markets.

At Constella we manage a set of Trading services and Investment solutions in Digital Asset markets. Our focus is to deliver to Professionals Flexible Solutions via our range of Investment and Hedging products and Expertise with Cryptocurrency Advisory services.

Disciplined risk management underpins everything we do. We structure and execute strategies designed to enhance the risk and reward profile of your portfolios. We have a proven track record in delivering steady superior alpha returns in all market conditions.

Powered by our proprietary technology, we have built in-house infrastructures developed to handle systematic quantitative strategies and risk monitoring 24/7.

We have crafted a set of innovative products to meet your investment needs in Digital Assets such as a non-directional fund, treasury & structured products.

Our Expertise coupled with our trading capabilities, proprietary algorithms, and access to markets allow us to provide a tailor approach to your needs if you are a Financial institution, Family office, Hedge Fund, Cryptocurrency & Corporate Treasury, Institutional trader, Market maker, Cryptocurrency exchange or miner.

Meet our Team with cross market knowledge & expertise in Finance & Technology
Christophe Sfeir
Founder CEO

Christophe is the Founder CEO of Constella. He oversees portfolio management, daily operations, R&D, execution & risk frameworks.

Since 2017, Christophe thoughtfully designed non-directional investment strategies that seek to deliver sustainable long-term value in Digital Asset markets. Christophe has 16 years’ experience in traditional finance and Crypto. He leverages 6-year trading experience in Digital Asset markets and 10-year Fixed Income experience at French Investment Banks working in London and NYC.

He is a guest lecturer on “Digital Assets and Arbitrage Trading” at Solvay Brussels School of Economics; and Toulouse Business School where he graduated his MSc in Quantitative Finance

Raphaël Sfeir
Co-Founder & CTO

Raphaël is the co-Founder CTO of Constella Capital. He is in charge of all our technology.

Passionate about coding since his teenage years, he worked over 10 years as a Lead Developer. He holds a MSc in Engineering from Centrales Nantes and has worked in the Video Games industry with a strong focus on data science. In his free time, he participated in numerous Hackathons and Game Jams.

Since 2017, he has built our proprietary technology, algorithms, and in-house infrastructures developed to handle systematic quantitative strategies. He uses his strong technical background to good use in leading our team of developers. In his spare time, Raphaël loves being able to translate his ideas into code and nurture his creativity by building video games.

Thomas Sadurni
Quant Analyst

Thomas joined Constella Capital in April 2022 as a Quant analyst and contributes actively in quantitative topics related to data, execution, investment strategy construction, risk management and systematic systems.

Thomas has a dual qualification in applied mathematics - computer science at ENSEEIHT and a MSc in Quantitative Finance at Toulouse Business School which allows him to be to be proficient in both technology development and quant trading by being actively involved in investment strategy R&D, risk frameworks and trading.

Prior to Constella, Thomas worked as an analyst in a crypto start-up where he developed a trend-predictive algorithm on bitcoin, and has been involved in Defi and algo-trading related projects.

Christophe Le Lanou

Christophe leverages his expertise and experience in volatility trading, systematic research, portfolio construction. Since 2021, he is actively involved at Constella in alpha R&D, execution & data science functions.

Christophe spent 17 years working in the financial industry, including 5 years as head of quantitative research and trading at Carrousel Capital, a London-based hedge fund with over $600mln AUM; and 9 years in vol-arb & derivatives trading desks.

Founder of DataLearning, a consulting firm promoting use of data and AI to deliver value and efficiency in complex environments. Co-author of a reading for the CFA Program curriculum on Machine Learning for level II candidates.

Sébastien Masson
Business Development

Sébastien spent 30 years as Executive across various Investment positions, mainly focused on development, marketing, fund raising and investor relations activities.

At Constella, Sébastien leverages his expertise and experience in alternative investment for European Institutional Investors and UHNWI. His extensive network and proven ability to cultivate relationships position him as a trusted advisor to Institutional investors seeking exposure to the Digital Asset space.

Since 2021, he has launched a "smart matching" placement boutique - Molitor Partners - to connect professional investors in Europe with innovative investment solutions, by combining a highly selective approach and a dynamic execution.

With Institutional adoption raising in Digital Assets, his deep understanding of investor preferences, combined with his strategic approach to marketing and fund raising, enables him to effectively communicate the value proposition of Constella.